We are specialized in mega session hair transplant

Mega session hair transplant has never been a easy procedure.

We promise the successful result of hair transplant based on our hard work and experience.


  • 아이콘 FUE hairtransplant ONLY
  • 아이콘 MEGA session surgery specialist
  • 아이콘 Offer a video result of the surgery
  • 아이콘 Studying on the New Surgery Methods with Continuing Academic Activities
  • 아이콘 Not recommending unproven treatments

Nobleline mega session Hair Transplant

For patients with a wide range of hair loss, it is not normal to have 2,000 to 3,000 hair unit of transplantation. they need about 7000 to 8000 hair, some of them need more than 10000 hair unit of transplanted to cover the hair loss area.
Before mega session hair transplantation, you must be familiar with the precautions to produce successful surgical results.

  • 아이콘 01 Optimized positioning of hair follicles
  • 아이콘 02 Consideration of patient response to drug
  • 아이콘 03 Consideration for body-hair transplants such as beards

Nobleline Total View

we made a ‘Total View’ video that combing through
from front to back as recorded high-definition
Dr.Baik presented it to the conference of hair transplant.
A lot of hospitals are using before/after video clips
that shows combbing the result of the surgery hair nowdays.
Dr.Baik has been at the forefront of creating a culture today.

Total View

Nobleline lecture of hair loss

Dr.Hyun-wook Baik, the head of the clinic,
created his own videos on an interesting topics about hair loss.
We're providing the videos to share some information and
now we've got more than 5 million views on YouTube.
now It's become a must-have video for the patients.

lecture of hair loss


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