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Five Principles

Hello I am Dr. Baik in Nobleline hair transplant center.
Thank you for visiting my page.
This is a quick introduction of my clinic and
I hope this introduction can help you to make more reasonable choice.

Five Principles 01

Only proceed with FUE hair transplant.

There are two methods for hair transplantation: strip surgery and FUE.
Now FUE became new trend in hair transplant field. Developement of new machines and surgery tips made FUE less painful , less visiable , more natural , fast and accurate .

Five Principles 02

We are specialized in mega session hair transplant.

Mega session hair transplant means, implanting more than 3,000 grafts (7,000~8,000 hairs) in one session. If your bald area is bigger , you might need mega session. But lots of doctors are afraid of doing it because it is stressful to medical team and needs higher technique. But we made unique system otimized to finish mega session in short time without sacrificing accuracy. Mega session in Noble-line is safe and comfortable and promise stable results.

Five Principles 03

In principle, it is necessary to show the results of the surgery on video.

Photographs are easy to manipulate, and it's easy to dazzle patients.
I think the biggest reason that many hair loss treatments that didn't work was because they were only shown in photographs before and after the treatment. We've been at the forefront of creating a culture where we've seen all the way up and down, and we've been combing through high-definition images, and we've been making Total View videos, and we've presented them to the conference, where many hospitals are now showing the consequences of the result with the combing videos. Now, Nobleline's efforts to reduce the number of patients who develop hair loss with ineffective treatments will continue.

이미지 More View
< 2016 Biometrics & Biostatistics International Journal The Total View Guidelines Announced >
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Five Principles 04

We've been through a series of academic activities,
and we've always been able to verify our surgeries, and we've been working on new ones.

I have been making 2 to 3 presentations every year in world’s society of FUE hair transplant, Korea hair transplant society,
Stagnant water is bound to corrupt. We will continue to be a hard-working no-brainer to communicate our technologies to other doctors, to be verified and to accept new technologies.

< Korean Association for Laser, Dermatology and trichology >
< 2018 World FUE Institute workshop >
Five Principles 05

We don't recommend scientifically untested treatments to patients.

The only scientifically proven treatments are finasteride, minoxidil, low-power laser, and hair transplantation. In fact, scalp care, mezzo therapy, growth phosphorylation, hair follicles, osmosis, tonics, etc. are very expensive for patients, but there is little scientific evidence that they are effective. we do not offer the treatment that has poor effects.

a proven cure

Eating medicine, minoxidil, low-power laser, hair transplantation of the Pinasteride system

non-verified treatment

scalp care, mezzo therapy, shampoo, growth phosphorus, hair follicles injection, tonics, etc.

Introduction of Medical personnel


Nobleline DoctorBaek Hyun-wook, CEO

current chairman of the Novline House of Representatives

Academic Director of the Korean Society for Hair-Forming and Eating (KSHRS)
Regular Member of the World Society for Hair-Forming (ISHRS)
World Society for Non-isolated hair transplantation (WFI) full member
Chung Membership of the Korean Society for the Paternal and Childhood Development
Chung Membership of the Korean Society of Beauty and Foreign Science
Chung Membership of the Korean Society for the Aesthetic Plasticity
Chung Membership of the Korean Society for the Paternal and Childhood Development

Academic society and awards

  • 확회 및 수상 이미지확회 및 수상 이미지
  • 확회 및 수상 이미지확회 및 수상 이미지
  • 확회 및 수상 이미지확회 및 수상 이미지
  • 확회 및 수상 이미지확회 및 수상 이미지

Not only in Korea, but also in various international institutions.
I'm active.

We are participating in the annual International Society for the Daircrafts (ISHRS) to exchange information. In particular, we have announced the first 'live patient viewing (LPV)' in Korea.
LPV is an announcement that shows patients who have operated directly on medical staff around the world, and only doctors with excellent results can do it. In addition, WFI (World FUE hair transplant association) has noticed excellent surgical results and rapid surgical speed, and has been proposed to present the presentation at the conference in Lisbon in June 2018.
We talked about Building a Fast And Accurate Implanting Surgical Team.

  • 확회 및 수상 이미지확회 및 수상 이미지
  • 확회 및 수상 이미지확회 및 수상 이미지

Nobleline hair transplant center won the price from 2014 to 2017 in the FUE hair transplant section.

This is the fourth consecutive year that I've been awarded the Korea Health and Medical Award.
The Korea Health and Medical Award is an award organized by the Ministry of Health and Welfare that evaluates the results of surgery and safety every year.
For the FUE hair transplant category, the Nobleline hair transplant center has been awarded for four years in a row